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There’s An App For That

There is nothing more enjoyable than to go out on the town in the late evening and enjoy the company of your friends at any top-quality restaurant, bar or nightclub. However, if you’re out on the town, it can be difficult to find the right club or restaurant. Thankfully, there’re a few websites and apps that you can use to find first-rate clubs, bars and restaurants for the occasion when you and your friends are enjoying the nightlife of any city. Here are few recommendations . . .

For an app that helps you to locate any business, from restaurants to cardiologists, “Yelp” is the one of the most popular apps for that purpose. “Yelp” helps you locate what type of business you’re looking for, and which business are in the location that you are specifically searching in. This is useful if you’re just trying to find the location of any restaurant, bar or nightclub.

To not only find the location of the nearest bar, but also to discover what drinks they sell, “DrinkAdvisor” is an excellent app. Not only does it give you the location of the nearest bar or night club in two hundred of the biggest cities in the world, but it also gives reviews of any of the bars or night clubs that you’re looking for, as well as gives recipes for any cocktail, should you want to make one on your own.

To specifically find nightclubs, “Night Clubs Unlimited” is the best app for the job. “Night Clubs Unlimited” will not only find the closest night club for your partying needs, but it also lets you search its database by age group, crowd type, and music type. Plus, it also can find drink discounts, entry discounts, and it will show guest lists for any club that has an event.

Now, after the party is over, and you’re a little too tipsy to drive or walk alone in the evening, “Uber” is a convenient app that helps you locate and pay for transportation via your mobile phone. This is also a great app to use if you and your friends want to ride together without any of you having to drive a vehicle and pay for parking fees in the city.

With these apps in hand, you should have no problem with having a fun evening on the town!